Saturday, April 24, 2010

Your Mail - Thoughts on Jacques Narcissism and Nihilism

We've gotten some mail about who is Jacques Barack.  This reader hit the nail on the head.  This is pretty deep thinking, people.  To-To ain't gonna publish anything this impressive:
What riles people like Jacques and the clowns at the TT is that Jacques Barack still chooses to remain anonymous. Egoists not only get jealous at others' success, but they also cannot fathom why anyone with a chance to take the stage and receive the adulation of the masses does not do so. It confuses them and attacks their world view, because for them it is all about "being somebody". To see that not everyone wants what they think is the ultimate goal of any living being forces them to question their own validity and life choices.
Behind every publicity seeking buffoon is a weak and insecure little man (or woman) in need of constant reinforcement. I give you Jacques M. Roy as a textbook example.  He is a narcissist who can't turn away from the mirror.  Of course, the ultimate fate of narcissism is nihilism.  They work towards nothing and nothing is accomplished.
Jacques Barack et al are "somebodies" without being somebodies. They won't be approached for autographs on the street, cannot get the best table in a restaurant, and are not sought out to appear in the halls of power and enlighten others of their kind (at least not publicly).
You are the enemy because you invalidate them and all they hold dear.
Keep up the great work!

Oh, rest assured that we gonna keep it up until our mission is accomplished.  We're glad that we're getting more input from our readers and we encourage more.   Jacques Barack is a forum for positive change.  Jacques Barack is a movement to improve Alexandria.  Jacques Barack is you.  The more involved you are, the harder for old Alexandria to keep their death grip on this town.  Please send your input to