Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jacques - Y'All Ain't Worth It Alexandria

Hey Cleco I'm gonna sting you with my stinger.  Oh no, but then my political contributions would die.  You know what, Cleco?  I aint gonna sting you and that's my choice.  And you know why?  Because Alexandria ain't worth.  I think I'm gonna go to Arizona and suck on some hotel stamens like there's no tommorrow.
Look who's mayor!  I got a power deal and a hotels deal and SPARC!  Free money for everyone!  Yay Mayor Jacques!  Oh, I stung myself.  Goodbye Alexandria.
In case you missed Jacques Barack outing Mayor Bling-Bling for the little coward he is, please check this out. He's the sitting mayor and he hasn't announced a run for re-election? Why not?

It obvious.  Jacques don't want to be mayor of Alexandria.  If he wanted it, he'd go for it.  But he aint.  Cause he doesn't care about Alexandria.  He only cares about his $60,000 Mercedes and his $110,000 salary.

What you say?  He's considering running for another office?  OK, still means he really doesn't want to be mayor of Alexandria.  Don't be a chump.  Jacques don't want the job.  He may run for mayor after his pollster and Buddy Leach tell him he can't beat Rodney Alexander, but we all know he don't want to be your mayor.