Friday, April 30, 2010

Jacques Roy: Mall Cop

Story note:  This is the first in a series of posts on Crime in Alexandria.

Why is Jacques paranoid about his safety?  Jacques knows how to piss people off. He says there are threats. Probably he is right. Knowing the people he has come in contact with and his talent for confrontation, an investigation could probably narrow the list down to slightly under 25,000 people that he would consider a threat!

Jacques also knows crime. He knows what a poor job he has done since coming into office. He's not stupid, he needs protection for himself and his staff.  Jacques cares more about his own skin than he does yours. Things have really gotten bad. The TT quoted one Alexandria resident as saying "City Hall is now a fortress."

"Fortress", we're sure that will further impress our "potential" new neighbors next door to City Hall and move this downtown hotels deal forward! The TT further states "Roy said he's not sure if he's gone far enough with security measures at City Hall,..." Maybe we should seriously consider putting a tank out front. Come stay at our downtown hotels and tour our city in our new M1A1 battle tank. Not only will it provide additional security but think how it will strenghten the image you have created for our city and City Hall.  We're sure this will impress all our potential business customers.

All this in a little over 3 years with Jacques.  Oh how we long for the good old days.