Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jacques Can't Spell

As another example of how poorly Jacques runs things, we offer you this fularious attempt at a campaign letter.  You can check out the letter yourself following the link:
A Letter from Jacques Roy

Reprinted from Cenla FOCUS, October 2006
The critical issues in this election are: first of all, stabilization of the city council-mayoral relationship, or what we might call checks and balnces; secondly, work together with the council to shore up existing problems with the infrastructure, and then ensure positive, fair, and controlled economic development; and thirdly, focus on the creation of new jobs and the continued fostering of existing businesses in the area.
We're sure that Jacques put the same effort in spell checking this letter that he put into getting the best Cleco deal, watching our levees, working the downtown hotels deal, etc.  There are many more things that Jacques can't do.  We won't bore you with that list.  He is really good at boring people to death with his mouth and playing the blame game, but those are not leadership qualities.  He has no leadership qualities.