Monday, April 19, 2010

Joker Shout Out to Jacques

Woot!  There it is!  Woot!  There it is!  Hey, Jacques, you takin' notes, lil buddy?  Now that's how you do it!  Just takin a break from all the party up here to give you shout out.  Listen, they have the best Ukrainian call girls up here.  A lot better than the Albanian chicks in Dallas, but they're a little more uptight if you know what I mean.  What, you expect Joker to like it straight up?  What happens in New York stays in New York.  That's what the lady I'm traveling with told me and she is a freak.  I think she wanted some Joker action.  I heard she likes a lot of action, but Joker only has eyes for hotties.  When you got the cash that Joker has, you don't waste time on the notties.

Did you see that gavel I brought down on the close?  Jacques, it was bigger than you!  I bet you never seen a gavel that big.  All your days in court.  Never seen super-sized gavel.  I got to meet Jim Cramer too and he said Cleco was a buy.  Two thumbs up.  Way up!  This is how you  party.  Not eating overcooked little crawfish at that crappy little dive with the dumpster right next to the side entrance.  Did you see that smile I had on my face the whole time?  Thank you, Ekaterina!  I've got her number if your ever this way, but I don't think you could afford $5000 a night.

And it wasn't just Ekaterina.  The guy with the NYSE said I was awesome.  I watched myself later and I admit I did look pretty awesome.  I have a really good smile.  A lot better than your lately invisible self.  What's the matter, you in hiding since Joker put the beat down on your little ***?  Man, you got all of those budget problems and havin to cut programs and I'm just over here rollin in the dough and partying at the NYSE.  Did you see what I made last year?  Life's a bitch ain't it?  Don't worry, I'm gonna have Crowell and Ratcliff sending you checks for your "campaign" whatever that is.  It looks too obvious if the money comes from Cleco.  Oops!  The escort service is on the other line.  Later!