Monday, April 26, 2010

To-To Holding It For Jo-Jo


We wonder, when Jacques goes to the bathroom is Paul Carty there to hold it for him?  Carty's latest opinion piece, Our View: Public safety, basic services must top Alexandria's budget priorities, gives us the answer.

First, there's the usual kissing of Jacques ***.
Mayor Jacques M. Roy and his administration presented a budget that is balanced and based on the best information available as required by law. And within those parameters it does what it is supposed to do -- it takes care of city business.
And the usual warning for councilmen.
This is the question we hope Alexandria City Council members are carefully considering before they convene a special council meeting at 1 p.m. Tuesday to discuss, adopt and/or amend the proposed 2010-2011 city budget. The new fiscal year begins May 1.
The To-To is so pathetically worthless that we usually ignore it, but we still gotta remind our readers to leave this trash on their lawn.  Carty, you don't think there is any fat in Jo-Jo Bling-Bling's budget?  You don't think his executive staff is maybe a little heavy?  You weren't the least bit disturbed last week when Jo-Jo Bling-Bling said that he would choose his staff over anything else in the budget?  Of course not, Carty.  Your in Jo-Jo and Dr. Evil's pocket.  How much of the To-To revenue is provided by the City of Alexandria?  Why don't you disclose that instead of this crack pipe smoking 8 ball of a non-thought:
The mayor and his administration had to make the call about what had to be cut, could be cut, should be cut and by how much. It was not, we imagine, a pleasant task.
We hope, if the need arises, Roy sticks with fiscal responsibility and vetoes whatever doesn't meet the city's primary needs.
Jo-Jo Bling-Bling doesn't meet the city primary needs, so he should veto himself and get lost.  Carty, when Jo-Jo Bling-Bling leaves office this December, we hope he takes you with him.  He'll probably still need you to hold it for him.