Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Your Mail - Louisiana Good, Alexandria MIA

A reader brought this feel good story from last month to our attention.  It is Louisiana Economic Development's take on business prospects for Louisiana.  The reader had this to say

New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe. Also mentioned Plaquemine, Delhi, Farmerville.
Where's Alexandria????
Don't they think a "potential" deal with the 2 hotels is growth?
What about SPARC? We are spending millions. Shouldn't that generate something?
Where are all the Movie People? Were we not told in an extensive adminstrative briefing of the wonderful opportunities that await Alexandria in the Movie Industry? They were all giddy. Sitting around in a Round Table format, a nice backdrop, laughing, and talking of the Big Hollywood deals! Afterall, isn't that why we the taxpayers funded those trips out to the West Coast for our priveleged in City Hall!
Maybe they will come up with another catergory to rank Alexandria. Maybe call it "Pseudo-Growth" (not real growth, but perceived as growth).
On the serious side what do we in Alexandria have?  A $9 million dollar budget deficit, shrinking tax revenues, depressed housing market, more foreclosures, and spending out of control on projects and developments that to date seem to have produced very little or nothing.
Thank you for the great reader input once again.