Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carty and McCormick Ridin Dirty

Jacques, when you and Ho-Ho called the Po Po on the To-To, you unleashed the Kracken.  You know they ran that Woodworth story right next to this one about how you couldn't even announce you was runnin for mayor.  Bro, they are spankin yo *** like you was a day care run by R. Kelly. McCormick was rollin with this:

City Notebook: Alexandria mayor's race is on a low simmer
Bret H. McCormick
No potential candidates for mayor of Alexandria made formal announcements last week, but there was and is plenty of chatter about the election in the fall, nonetheless.
Mayor Jacques Roy, who has been tight-lipped about his plans, held a fundraiser Saturday night. "Friends and supporters" were invited to a crawfish boil at Spirits Food & Friends on Texas Avenue, according to an e-mailed invitation sent by Roy's wife, Wendy.
Why no formal announcement, Jacques?  Can't make up yo mind?  You get that McCormick was laughin at your lame fundraiser, right?  McCormick put friends and supporters in quotes so, yeah, he was laughing.  Jacques, we are all laughin at you for hiding behind yo wife.  And then you had Kay Michiels do your dirty work.  What up, dawg?  You not up to the job?  Carty and McCormick didn't seem to think so.
One resident, Von Jennings, has said publicly she will enter the race.
Another, District G Rapides Parish Police Juror Steve Coco, says he intends to run.
"I can hardly believe that it is time again to begin campaigning," Wendy Roy says in the e-vitation.

I bet she can't believe it.  I bet she ain't smilin like that right now either.  Her man bout to be thrown out of office.  Like a Bolton Avenue hooker.  Jacques, man, hiding behind women and asking them to do your work is, well, pretty much like being a wussy momma's boy.

We already revealed to our readers how you ain't a decider.  Jacques Barack is calling you out, Jo-Jo Bling-Bling.  Either announce within the next week that you are seeking re-election or hang it up.  Do you really want another 4 years of Jacques Barack exposing you for the fraud you are? The countdown starts today.  If you don't announce by next Wednesday the 21st, you have been warned.