Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jacques Is NOT a Decider

Jacques has tied hisself into knots.

It's April 3rd.  The deadline for qualifying for the mayor's race is about 3 months away.  There's still only one candidate - Von Jennings!

The sitting duck, uh, sitting mayor has yet to announce for re-election.  Why not?  We know Jacques doesn't want to be mayor of little Alexandria again.  He's deserves better than us.  At least that's what he thinks.  He wanted to use the mayor job as a stepping stone for a bigger agenda.  He thought the next step was Rodney Alexander's seat.  He thought wrong.  Now he's stuck.  Don't want to be mayor, can't be representative.  Damn!  Life sucks for Mayor Bling-Bling.  Even the new $60,000 Mercedes can't provide enough comfort for Little Bling-Bling's needs.

And then there's Bridgett.  She just won't go away!  What does Bridgett know that we don't know yet?  How does Jacques sleep at night?

What you should know, JB reader, is that Jacques can't make up his mind.  Never could.  George W. Bush said he was a Decider.  Jacques ain't no Decider.