Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To-To Confirms Jacques Fear of Live Blogger

Anyone remember this.  On Sunday, the To-To confirmed it:
Roy has increased security and limited public access at City Hall since taking office, and he said it's difficult to balance accessibility with protecting city employees.
During his campaign, Jacques said he wanted people to get involved, to speak out.  That was just another Jacques lie.  Jacques wants people to kiss the ground his little fairy feet walk on.
Some City Hall observers have said the restricted access at City Hall makes it more difficult for people to talk with the administration about how city business is being handled.
Gayle Underwood is a frequent visitor to City Hall, where she tries to keep tabs on the day-to-day affairs of administration officials. She also attends City Council meetings regularly.
"City Hall is now a fortress," she said, "whereas in previous administrations we could go up the elevator all the time. I used to go up and talk to Ned all the time."
Ms. Underwood, Jacques does NOT want to talk to you.  He doesn't have time for you.  When he's not riding around in his $60,000 Mercedies, he's talking to mirror in the executive washroom.
He encouraged residents who don't regularly attend City Council meetings, or see administration officials at community meetings, to write down their ideas and send them to the mayor's office. Those ideas will be addressed by the administration on a weekly basis.
"Every single letter that comes in gets stamped and goes before the executive staff every week," he said.
OK and the Easter Bunny is real.
Some residents think that Roy and some members of his administration do not want any feedback and that they do not listen when they receive it.
Harold Banks, a member of the Woodside-Samtown Neighborhood Outreach group, said that many times city officials don't listen to residents' opinions.
"Everybody pretends we don't know what we're talking about in our neighborhood," Banks said.
Jacques think you are too stupid, Mr. Banks.  Only one person in the world knows everything and that is Jacques M. Roy.  Just ask Jacques, that's what he'll tell you.