Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Message From Catherine Marie Roy

I heard daddy telling mommy that we all have to work harder this election because so many people are disappointed with daddy.  So I'm writing this letter to tell you why my dad is the best candidate for mayor.

One thing I like about my dad is that he is almost my height.  This means that he's not scary and I think this is one of the things Mr. Madison liked about my daddy too.  I don't like Mr. Madison.    Daddy kept telling mommy how Mike Madison wasn't afraid of him and even threatened daddy.  I wish he wouldn't have threatened my daddy.

The other great thing I like about my dad is that his cousins own the Popeyes so we get a lot of free chicken and stuff.  My dad likes to cook too but I think he likes to eat more than he likes to cook.  Mommy keeps telling daddy that he needs to lose weight.

So, if you don't think my dad is scary and you like free chicken, Jacques the Vote!