Monday, April 5, 2010

Alexandria is $9 Million in the Hole

This is your money.
"Committee members took a look March 30 and started to discuss how to eliminate a deficit of about $9 million before May 1, the start of the fiscal year."

First time you've heard of it, right?  Still think the TT does any good reporting?  We haven't heard Jacques or any of his friends on the council talk about being $9 million over budget.

This is Jacques spending your money.

Somebody get the plunger!

"Mayor Jacques Roy wants the council to concentrate the city's capital funds on efforts to bring private investment to a downtown hotel plan and on other projects detailed in the Specially Planned Activity Redevelopment Corridors, the citywide SPARC infrastructure project."
Von Jennings top campaign pledge is "conservate financial management".  Whadda think about Von now?