Friday, April 23, 2010

Quasi Feels Left Out

I can't believe the Cleco honchos get to go to New York and party like rock stars and I only get to go to a meeting in Lafayette like 4 times a year.  That's the story of my pathetic life.  I heard they had some nice hookers in New York. Maybe some that would be interested in me, but I don't think I have enough cash.  The best I could probably do is a lap dance at a swanky gentlemen's club.

I know some people think being utility director is a great job and all, but compared to Cleco it ain't nothing.  I mean, how does $90,000 compare to those guys?  And after Jacques is gone, so am I.  I mean, Cleco can thank me for getting that deal done.  I never understood what all the criticism was about.  Whatever Cleco put on the table, I backed it.  No questions.  I just accepted what they told me.  Good thing I was ultra cool with the Cleco guys.  I never demanded anything from them and I never accused them of anything.  Jeff Hall said we were tight and Mike Madison told me that as far as he was concerned, he couldn't think of any else he'd rather have as Alexandria's utility director.  He kept repeating that over and over and laughing, so it must have been a big deal.  I think I'll write him a letter.

Dear Mike,
You have said some wonderful things about me.  That impressed me a lot that you were impressed by me.  Your impression of me is impressive.  I mean, I'm impressed by your impression of me.  Very impressive.  I would like the opportunity to impress you more.  Let's do lunch at Spirits and let me impress you again.
Yours impressively,