Thursday, April 29, 2010

Von Getting Vocal

Now that Dr. Evil has got Jacques in seclusion hiding from Live Blogger, the only thing we need is for Ms. Jennings to step it up.  Well, now she has.  Bret McCormick reports in the To-To:
The only announced Alexandria mayoral candidate requested copies of the administration's written response to agenda items during the Alexandria City Council's committee meetings.
Von Jennings, a former city employee who is running for mayor, asked the council if copies could be made available to the citizens who attend the meetings.
"It's hard to follow. If I could read along, it would be easier," Jennings said.
Well played, Ms. Jennings, well played.  You were obviously too competent to work for Jacques Roy.  People who don't do anything, like Jacques, or can't get anything done, like Kay, don't like having productive people around.
District 4 Councilman Harry Silver suggested that the council make the reports available at the entrance to the City Council Chambers, while Kay Michiels said the council is free to publish the reports, as they are a public record.
Uh-oh.  Looks like Jacques won't be ridin his $60,000 Mercedes over to Ho So (sometimes that call me Ho-Ho) store and droppin any of Jacques $110,000 salary on suits.
One citizen, Rhonda Reap-Curiel, wondered why the council was reading the written reports when members of the administration were in the audience.
"Why are we even reading reports?" Reap-Curiel said. "There are administration people here. Can they not give reports? There may be questions we want to ask if we can hear the report."
Reap-Curiel's statement drew a round of applause from the audience members present at the meeting.
There goes any money Rhonda Reap-Curiel was going to make on consulting on the Levee Alliance.
Michiels, who is the chief operating officer and director of planning for Mayor Jacques Roy, said the administration delivers written reports every Friday before Tuesday's council meetings so the council members can better prepare for their meetings.
Kay's main preparation for council meetings is her solicitation calls for Jacques.  Alexandria deserve a better government.  A more transparent government.  Alexandria deserves Von Jennings.