Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jacques Smart Growth

Welcome to Smart Growth for Alexandria, Jacques M. Roy style!  LOL!  Jacques idea of smart growth is no growth.  The growth flees to the suburbs.  Bro, you and Ho-Ho got Paul Carty so mad he went and ran this embarrassing Woodworth story on yo ***.  And he ran it right next to a story on the mayors race!  Ha ha ha ha.  LOL!  In yo face frat boy.  Carty just fed you his used toilet paper!  Hey, why don't you get in yo $60,000 Mercedes and drive out to Woodworth for a lil reconnaissance mission on what growth looks like.

Hey, anybody who still in love of Jacques, do you remember what Jacques #1 campaign platform was?  Yeah!  It was smart growth.  Have you seen any smart growth in Alexandria over the last four years?  Uh, have you seen any growth?  And don't be tellin us the new Chick-fil-A is growth.  There was a business there before Chick-fil-A.  Try again.  And we don't want to say anything bad about honest work at a fast food restaurant, but it ain't high tech.

How them property tax receipts comin from all the new business you created, Jacques?  How's it going at the Fulton Hotel?  How bout Union Tank?  How are things at that fancy city golf course right next to the other fancy golf course?  How's that for smart growth!  Let's put a bunch of golf courses right next to each other.  Right on!  And let's leave Alexandria and put these new baseball fields out here away from all those uh, you know, inner city types.  Rapides Regional, you want to close off 4th Street?  Hey, be our guest!  Our citizens don't need 4th Street and don't worry about the levee either, just make sure my wife has a $100,000 a year job were she can raise money for my non-campaign.

Thank you Jacques!  Thank you for your vision of smart growth!  Thank you for all the prosperity!  Yeah, the city is just rollin in money, right?  Jacques vision has really paid off for us, right?  No, we got a smart *** for a mayor, but no smart growth.

Unemployed Alexandrians at work