Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mini Mayor: To-To Goin Way Of The Do Do


Mini Mayor Briefing
August 4, 2010

Seen Mini Mayor's briefing yesterday?  Full-on fularious, people.  The briefing HAD IT ALL, people!  The denials (I've never seen Fetal Freddy's post).  The lying (I couldn't tell Fetal Freddy what to put on my his blog).  The hair.  The arrogance.  The attitude.  The bizarre (maybe the city should start its own blog!).  The out of control bipolarness.  The lack of medication.  You have to watch this or check out the original post.  Mini Mayor got his freak on.  Smoked an 8 ball and went all Bobby Brown/Whitney Houston.

The Extinct Do Do Bird
Our favorite line was when Mini Mayor said, and we quote, "The Town Talk's days are numbered".  Boom!  Mini Mayor Burn on Caveman Carty.  Yo, Mini!  To-To went the Do-Do years ago, but just like you to wait until now to tell Caveman Carty.

Caveman Carty