Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Fetal Freddy Fairytale

One of Fetal Freddy's Friends had this to say about the Unicorn Chaser:
Lamar could easily just work within his family’s businesses and make more than most people in town do. He could also probably cash in on the networks of relatives and such and go out into business on his own and make plenty of money off the community. However, he has chosen to forgo a LOT of that and spends much of his time working for the City of Alex making development happen for everyone, for people who are even in direct competition with White Property Management, and he does it for what is really a pretty paltry wage. He makes enough to live on and not be poor. But he works for the people of this community for far less than he could make. He also works for the City of Alex for far less than that sort of job and those specific skills normally pay. What I’m saying is, get over yourselves. If any of the jacquesbarack people spent as much of their time and resources supporting this community as Lamar does, we wouldn’t need blogs and such because everything would be awesome!
I can only add, PROVE IT! Would really love to see Fetal Freddy prove this true!