Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This Ain't 2006...Or 2007

Roy Clan Rumormill

What are the Roy Clan gonna due now that there ain't no Republicans in the mayor's race? Mini Mayor can't possibly be blacker than any of the other candidates. Mini Mayor think he is black but he hates all black people except the dead ones that he can't argue with but instead uses their words to make hisself sound black. If you didn't know it, Mini Mayor is not the only member of the Roy Clan to hold public office. Mini Mayor has a brother. Let's call him Stumpy. In 2007 Stumpy got jealous of his little bro, Mini Mayor, and got political fever. Stumpy decided to run for state representative against a Alexandria attorney who is a member of the Pentecostals of Alexandria.

The Roy Clan will stop at nothing, including spreading false rumors about their opponents, to get what they want. Without anything between his ears to rely on, Stumpy turned to the old Roy Clan playbook - smear your opponent. A rumor was started that Stumpy's Republican opponent was homosexual. That would be a good rumor because Pentecostals tend to look down on homosexuality and it might cause fewer Pentecostals to vote for Stumpy's opponent.

Just remember, people. Whatever the Roy Clan say about they opponents, it probably ain't true. Just ask the Pentecostals of Alexandria.