Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fetal Freddy Is Blogging And No One Cares

About 3 weeks ago, we shared some of the Jacques Barack traffic numbers with everyone. We challenged Fetal Freddy to do the same. What'd we get? Silence. Has Fetal Freddy ever shared his stats? Nope. Fetal Freddy is afraid to show his traffic numbers cause he aint got the traffic that Jacques Barack got. And we only been doin this since February. Fetal Freddy is on a bunch of blogrolls and gets hits from other blogs so his numbers should be much higher than ours. Fetal Freddy is a Humid Being, people! As best we could count, there are maybe 7 people that read Fetal Freddy's Looking For the Unicorn blog. Maybe its cause Fetal Freddy has nothing to say that anybody (cept the 7) wants to hear. BTW, Halle Berry told us to tell you something:

"Congratulations on that trust fund. Lets you be good at nothing a lot."