Sunday, August 15, 2010

How To Win The Alexa Debate

The Alexa debate is over and the victor is Jacques Barack. Mini Mayor talks about transparency, but he is just the opposite. So is his taxpayer financed attack blogger, Lamar White. If Lamar White believed in transparency, he'd just show everybody the traffic stats for his blog. It's not that hard. We have repeatedly posted the Jacques Barack traffic stats so that our readers and the general public can know our reach. We asked Lamar to show his stats so that the Alexandria taxpayers could see what the world thinks of the blog that their tax dollars are paying for. We've also asked Lamar to share his timesheet with Alexandria taxpayers so they can see what Lamar works on. We're still waiting for both. The Alexa Internet stats prove that Lamar has lost credibility as a blogger. When people know that you are a paid mouthpiece for a little Napoleonic dictator wannabe, you tend to lose street cred and e-cred. But if Lamar wants to win the Alexa debate, he could just prove us wrong by posting his stats.