Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mini Mayor Reads Jacques Barack

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I Love Jacques Barack!

I read it every day!!!!!!!!!!

And you should too!!!!!!!!!!

We know Mini Mayor read Jacques Barack, but some of you still need proof.  OK.   First of all, read this post.  We want to remind our readers that we posted that AFTER Fetal Freddy did one of his drunk attacks on an enemy of Mini Mayor.  You know, fighting fire with fire.  Everyone should know that Fetal Freddy was the first blogger to say that until someone denied it, he was going to believe whatever he wanted to believe.  And this trust fund baby is taking your tax dollars!  Anyway, after reading our post, check out minute 9:45 of this clip hosted by blogger Greg Aymond.  Hmmm.  Still believe Mini Mayor when he says he doesn't read blogs?  ROTFLMAO!  Now show Mini Mayor and Fetal Freddy what you think and vote in our poll ==============>