Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mini Mayor's How To Select A Police Chief

Why would anyone criticize Mini Mayor for the selection? We don't know much about Roger Tully. Oh, we gonna find out about Roger Tully, but it's early. No, it's not the selection, it's the selection process. It was typical Mini Mayor. He appoints a committee. Some are regular leading citizens, others are Roy plants. The committee meets. Then his plants put forward a particular name/idea. The regular people realize that the fix is in and they go along with the Mini Mayor plants. Mini Mayor can have his cake and eat it, too. If the selection turns out bad, Mini Mayor blames the committee. If the selection turns out good, Mini Mayor takes all the credit.

Tully was the top choice of both the city's chief evaluation and selection committee as well as the city's personnel committee, which is made up of several of the top officials in Roy's administration.

Do you really think there were 2 committees? Do you really think that Mini Mayor would have let there be 2 different choices on the 2 committees? You still want Mini Mayor and his lies? You sure? Cause Lady Marmalade is ready for a change.