Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mini Mayor in Mess With EMS

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Mini Mayor's pants is on fire today. All of those lies and cheating is catching up with Mini Mayor. We know there are no rebates. His wife know about the other women. We know he lied about the levees. We know he fired Von Jennings for doing her job. We know he's lying about HIP. His Catholic peeps know he's part of Larry Love's flock.  We know he lied to Rev. Franklin about the monies.  We know he reads blogs. We know he wanted Lamar to run that hit piece on Myron Lawson and David Pugh.  Etc, etc.  The boy just lies.  That's all he know how to do.  Lie.

What has all of this lead up to? Now the people that Mini Mayor represents as a lawyer in private practice are suing Alexandria. And these people are using the contract that Mini Mayor wrote to sue the city. People, where is the ethics charges? We here at Jacques Barack will be the first in the local blogosphere to call for Mini Mayor to step down. Through his duplicity and conflicts of interest on the CLECO case and representing EMS, Mini Mayor is unfit to remain as Mayor of Alexandria. We invite the Alexandria News Weekly, our local bloggers and The Town Talk to join us in asking for Mini Mayor to resign his post in this time of great shame.