Friday, August 6, 2010

Where Was Kenny?

Kenny advising Ro Jo

Mini Mayor's political clout is crumbling like  Sugar-house road.  In Mini Mayor's moment of greatest need, Kenny AKA Dr. Evil abandoned Mini Mayor. You don't think Dr. Evil is jumping ship to Ro Jo, huh? Eyewitnesses have reported to us that this was the scene at city hall:

Kay Cell (running around): Anita! Where's Ken!

Anita: Maybe in his office? Or Lamar's office?  He didn't leave a forwarding. Maybe try his cell phone.

Kay Cell: I'm watching the closed circuit feed and Jacques is dying!  Do you have the emergency med pack?

Anita:  You mean Jacques Lithium, Kay?

Kay Cell:  Well I'm not talking about the f****** bandaids Anita!

Anita:  Jacques took the emergency med pack away from me.  He accused me of stealing some of it.

Kay Cell:  (gasp)

Anita: (ignores Kay Cell and returns to opening mail)

Kay Cell: (running through the halls) Ken! Are you here? Lamar?

Mike Marcotte: (steps into hallway) Kay, if you're looking for Lamar, he's "working from home" (makes air quotes with both hands) again today.

Kay Cell: (heavy sarcasm) Great, Mike! Hope your game of Mah Jong goes well for ya!

Mike Marcotte:  Whatever Kay.  Good luck with Sugarhouse Road or Stockyard projects.

Kay Cell: Chuck! Chuck! Somebody! We've got to save Jacques! Ken is MIA!

Chuck Johnson: (awakens from napping and steps into hallway)  What's all the noise?

Kay Cell: Jacques is in trouble! His talking himself into a hole and Ken isn't there to hit the KILL switch!

Chuck Johnson: Hmm. I wonder if Ken is still with Ro?

Kay Cell: What do you mean! Why is Ken talking to Ro?

Chuck Johnson: They meet almost everyday now since about a month ago. Have you tried calling or texting Ken?

Kay Cell: Ken is blocking my calls and texts after "The Incident".

Chuck Johnson: Oh, yeah, "The Incident" (smiles).

Kay Cell: Chuck, don't laugh now. Call Ken.

Chuck Johnson: (still smiling about "The Incident") OK, OK. Here, look, I'll text him. "WRU@"

Chuck Johnson: Hmm. That's funny.

Kay Cell: What?

Chuck Johnson: I got an auto reply back. It says, "Ken Luneau is busy working on the mayor's race and will not be available until after 2".

Kay Cell: How could Ken be working on the mayor's race if he's with Ro?

Chuck Johnson: Hmm. (cracks a wide grin) Well, it's time for lunch! See you later.

Kay Cell: Poor Jacques. He really needed Ken today. Jacques is really gonna need a pick me up to get over his briefing.  I don't think the Lithium can do it.  I'll have to think of what I could do to cheer him up. This afternoon is gonna suck.