Monday, August 9, 2010

Jacques Barack Is Free

Lamar White has been accusing our favorite mayoral candidate of being behind Jacques Barack. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have no affiliation with any mayoral candidate.  Jacques Barack is free from anybody telling us what to print or who to talk about.  None of the contributors to Jacques Barack has ever talked to any mayoral candidate about our website. Jacques Barack is an independent group of people who were sickened by the corruption and incompetence of Mayor Jacques M. Roy and his administration. We came together to collaborate on a project to move Alexandria forward. Our mission is to expose the lies and dirty tricks that Mayor Jacques M. Roy and his family and friends used to obtain power and to retain that power.  All of the contributors to the Jacques Barack collaboration would be happy with any mayor candidate other than the unethical Jacques M. Roy.  We've taken exception to Roosevelt Johnson because he lacks the basic skills necessary to run a sno cone stand, much less be a mayor.  The other problem with Roosevelt Johnson is that he is just a puppet for the same people that are behind Jacques M. Roy.  We were also excited about the prospect of Steve Coco or David Pugh running for mayor, but they didn't.  We even had a poll for David Pugh.  So if you don't vote for Von Jennings, be our guest and vote for Rev. Joe Franklin or Jay Johnson.  We just think Von Jennings is your best bet.