Friday, August 27, 2010

Montana Fishburne Wants To Film In Alexandria

Heh Alexandria. Maybe y'all heard about me? I grew up in a Hollywood mansion, but I'm a round the way girl. I'm a be a big star. Fo sho. I heard about them wild parties that y'all have down at city hall in Alexandria. I like wild parties so I'm a swing by Alexandria and meet the playas down there. I heard y'all got some newly single high salary attorneys that like to throw wild parties. My manager says there's also lots of good tax credits for filming in Louisiana. My manager says we gonna make lots of money and I'm a be a big star.  Next stop on the Montana tour - Alexandria. Are you a playa? If you are, dial up the mayor and tell him you want to be in Montana's next film. There could be some coin in it for ya. I heard ya'll losing jobs down there. Don't worry, when Montana is around, there's always a job to be done.