Friday, August 20, 2010

This Ain't 2006

Mini Mayor has a big problem.  That new car smell has worn off.    In 2006 he was unknown and came out of nowhere promising to save us from the greedy CLECO.  LOL.   Do you have your rebates yet?  In 2006 Mini Mayor faced a white female who was part of the same group of people that had been running Alexandria for decades.  White voters thought they were voting for change.  Black voters didn't have a candidate in the runoff.  But this ain't 2006.  We all know that Mini Mayor wasn't about positive change.  Mini Mayor was all about hisself.  All Mini Mayor all the time.  Good luck Mini Mayor.  The future of Alexandria is waiting for you to leave.

Mini Mayor 2006

Mini Mayor 2010

Mini Mayor 2011