Monday, May 10, 2010

Where's Moms When You Need Her?

Hope y'all had a nice mother's day.  Jacques really needed it.  You know how mom is always there for us with a shoulder to cry on?  Kiss our bo-bos and put a band-aid on it.  Give us a shoulder to cry on.  Man, Jacques needs that attention bad right now.  He aint gettin it anywhere else.

Mini Mayor needs love from moms.  Cleco already rolled him and FEMA about to finish him.  This will be his political end.  FEMA redrawing the flood maps.  Everybody should be reading Jacques Barack so they be prepared, but too many are still sleeping.

But let us tell you where nobody will be sleeping - The Fulton Hotel.  This deal is deader and more  fried than a Popeyes 20 piece.  Jacques already said that the HIP deal wouldn't last past May.  Does it strike any readers as odd that Mini Mayor hasn't talked about HIP lately?  Most people flush the toilet after a bowel movement.  Jacques must prefer swimming in it.