Monday, May 3, 2010

A View From The Outside: Alexandria Crime Stats

Jacques said in reference to himself and his staff "I have an obligation to protect people," Roy said. "I have a family I want to go home to every day."

Wow Jacques that's great! Well what about the rest of us average, no nothing citizens that put you in office? Do you feel the slighest obligation to protect us? Have you read about the Crime Statistics in Alexandria? Have you read your own IACP report? Crime was bad when you came in office, but it has gotten WORSE the 3 years you have been around. It's great that you are protecting City Hall, but who's protecting us?

You want to see how they describe crime in Alexandria. Check this article out:

Look at the data for Alexandria. Then make sure you read under the "Description" tab. It starts out " With a crime rate of 99 per one thousand residents, Alexandria has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities..."

Really interesting reading. Sort of Scary. From Neighborhoodscout. An often read information source of city data for potential residents, businesses, and visitors to other cities. The internet is full of these type websites. Great reading for those businesses, potential residents, and visitors that want to research our city. Jacques knows crime and so does everyone else.

For those that will tend to ignore or refute this reality, here are some additional facts to ponder:

1. The data described is from the FBI reported crime data.
2. Although the data is dated, probably 2007, according to the citys own IACP report, violent crime in 2009 even got worse. IACP states: "Violent Crime: Despite more favorable 2008 data, the five year trend remains troubling. Assaults and diorderlies are on the rise, potentially from economic and social dysfunction driving this class of crime and victimization. 2009 data looks to be equal to the 2005 spike."
3. IACP also supports the ranking "Uniformed Crime Reports (2007) rank Alexandria in the top 25 metro areas in reported violent crime. Alexandria does not compare favorably with a selected group of Louisiana cities in violent and property crime."

Once again "Roy said he's not sure if he's gone far enough with security measures at City Hall,..." After reading these statistics on crime we'll have to agree!

For the 49,000 plus of you out there that don't have your own personal bodyguard or work in a "secure zone" like City Hall, you will shortly have your chance to make things better.