Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inc. Magazine Drops Alexandria 53 Places

The TT is so pathetic.  Talkin bout a traffic circles at Horseshoe and Jackson St.  Yeah, Mini Mayor and Kay "Cell" Michiels can't even get Sugar House Road or Versailles done, but they gonna do a circle at the end of Jackson?  Hey, Carty, this is why you don't sell any newspapers.

Maybe this weekend Carty will run a story on Alexandria becoming the new NASA headquarters.  Or maybe Carty will treat us to another story about the global downtown hotels initiative?  Or maybe Carty will print a piece about HIP that is really written by Jacques?  Or maybe just an apology to HIP for telling the truth?

And, Carty, we don't remember you running a story on Inc. Magazine's last available rating of Alexandria.  Inc. Magazine dropped Alexandria 53 spots to 118 out of 335 cities ranked.  If Mini Mayor and Kay Cell keep this up, we'll be unratable, kinda like the way Money Magazine never heard of Alexandria.  It's the apocalypse, people.