Friday, May 21, 2010

How To Create Your Own Ro Jo Sock Puppet

A JB reader writes:

LOL!  Jacques Barack is the bomb!  Mini Mayor,  FAS,  MacCheater,  Ro Jo the Sock Puppet?  How do you do it?

Well, we have a talented staff.  And none of us have been afflicted by FAS or FASD, so it's kinda unfair to make any comparisons to other bloggers in town.  But you can be part of the Jacques Barack gang too!  Here are some instructions for enjoying your very own Ro Jo Sock Puppet and you don't even have to put your hand up Ro Jo's back.  We'll leave that to Mini Mayor and Dr. Evil.

Step 1 - Find a really dull dark sock.  It is usually best to begin your search in your rag pile.  Remember, this sock will have no value until your hand does the talking, so don't be picky about the fabric.

Step 2 - Locate some ping pong balls and draw eyeball of them.  Glue the eyeballs onto your Ro Jo sock puppet.  Note - your Ro Jo sock puppet does not come equipped with balls and adding these balls, even though as eyes, will add a manly theme to your Ro Jo sock puppet.

Step 3 - Find some old shag carpet and cut a piece for your Ro Jo sock puppet's hair.  Either glue this on or use safety pins to fix it on.

Step 4 - Slide your Ro Jo sock puppet on and let the fun begin.  Remember, just like Mini Mayor and Dr. Evil, you are the magic that breathes life and thought into your Ro Jo sock puppet.  Without your thoughts, the Ro Jo sock puppet would just be a useless old sock.  Let the fun begin!

Warning:  The Ro Jo sock puppet has been known to frighten young children.  Please exercise good judgement and do not allow children to see the Ro Jo sock puppet.