Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mini Mayor Hides, McCormick Chides

Did you know that Jacques Barack is your leading news source for Alexandria politics?  And you don't even have to pay a fee or suffer through advertising.  Believe us peeps, we know our website is fly.  First, we told you that Mini Mayor is hiding.  We even made a non-campaign song for Mini Mayor.   Then we told you that Mini Mayor is not seeking re-election and Dr. Evil and Mini Mayor has hatched a plan to front Ro Jo in an attempt to hold control over Alexandria.  We already knew To-To and Bret McCormick read Jacques Barack, but seriously people, where do you think McCormick would get the nerve to write stuff like this (Alexandria plans $5 million in improvements to city parks) if he didn't read it here first.
No one from Mayor Jacques M. Roy's administration was available for comment on Tuesday regarding the parks projects.
Lisa Harris, the city's director of Community Services and chief of policy and planning, wasn't made available for an interview despite two messages left with Ken Juneau, who handles media relations for the mayor.
When reached by phone, Harris said she had spoken with Juneau and but he Juneau had not given her clearance to speak on the issue.
Roy did not return a message left on his cell phone requesting comment.
McCormick, you should a just wrote that Dr. Evil put a choker collar on Lisa Harris too.  Mini Mayor thinks he can hold on to some of his power by backing Ro Jo.  It ain't happening Mini Mayor.  You were a failure as mayor and you ain't gonna do any better trying to hide behind Ro Jo.  And we'll be watching you very closely after the election.  Wouldn't want your floating turd self resurfacing back at RRABB.