Friday, May 28, 2010

Ellen Scroggs Recommends Hair Topia

Jacques Barack readers will remember Ellen Scroggs.  We recently received some very important information on Ms. Scroggs and her brother, Trey the Parrot.  We'd love to post Ms. Scroggs resume or something, so if anyone has a copy, send it to  Until then, this is all that we could google on her.

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RatingHairTopia WorksAugust 15, 2008
Reviewer: (alexexandria)

This is the most effective group of vitamins and minerals I have ever used to correct my dry, brittle, colored and damaged hair. I have ordered so many hair products in the past and have to report Hairtopia is truly an Outstanding and Superior comprehenive plan to promote hair growth. The cost is well worth the amazing results. I thank you for making my goal to improve the health of my hair a success. Ellen

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