Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Gotta Problem With Kiplinger's?

Well then, look at Money Magazine.
Yes, strong local economies still exist. These small towns have 'em - plus great schools, affordable homes, low crime, and much more.
1. Louisville, CO
2. Chanhassen, MN
3. Papillion, NE
4. Middleton, WI
5. Milton, MA
6. Warren, NJ
7. Keller, TX
8. Peachtree City, GA
9. Lake St. Louis, MO
10. Mukilteo, WA
See the Top 100 here.
Have you ever heard of Keller, TX?  If you work for the mayor and you pathetically want to confirm that Alexandria is not on the top 100, don't waste your time.  It ain't there.  Like it ain't even on the Money radar.  No, Money don't know Alexandria, but it do know Pineville.  How embarrassing is that Jo-Jo Bling Bling?  What do your PR people have to say about that?  What does Dr. Evil have to say about that?

People, unless you're a Popeye's eatin, self-hating Jacques Roy drooling homie, you really should look at these places to start over.  Check these places out.  This is what a good place looks like.