Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dr. Drew's High Heeled Chicken

These scribblings were found in a dumpster outside Dr. Drew Pinsky's office in Los Angeles.  We don't know if it is a coincidence or not, but Jacques has made official city visits the Los Angeles.

Owee.  Look at me.
Tweedle dee dee.
I thought I was a rooster,
but now I'm a roaster.

You can put lipstick and heels
on this rubber chicken,
But I'm still ugly as sin
And can't take a lickin.

Chicken to bone,
I'm Lil Lord Fauntleroy's clone.
In 2006 I set the trend,
Now I'm afraid this is the end.

Look at me, Mr. Fancy,
I don't care if me a pansy.
Jacques Roy is the boss
And my salad Chuck can toss.

My vocab is so dy-no-mite,
Its taller than my height.
On the mike I can blow,
Talkin more than Fidel Castro.

I got my Whip,
and I'm balzak hip.
Pullin 100 large
as Man in charge.

But Alexandria is broke
Cause my spendins on coke.
Trying to buy votes
Like BP rentin boats.

Owee.  Look at me.
Tweedle dee dee.
Jacques the Vote
Is really a goat.