Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jacques-y Horror Picture Show

Anybody who doesn't think that watching the Mini Mayor's administration is like watching a really bad B-movie horror film, please email us and explain why.  We like to call Mini Mayor's 4 year administration the Jacques-y Horror Picture Show.  What, you don't see the similarities?  OK.

1 -  Just like Rocky Horror, it's a cult classic.  At least among the cult of fetal alcohol syndrome types and Spirits crowd.  Jacques-y Horror Picture Show is much better watching with a beer.

2 -  Based on what our friends at city hall tell us, Mini Mayor does his best "work" (wink, wink) around midnight.

3 - A criminologist tells us the Rocky Horror story, we gonna need a criminologist to document Mini Mayor's crimes.

4 - Mini Mayor exists in a "Time Warp" where white liberals have to help "black" peoples cause "black" people can't help themselves and "black" people don't even know how to help ourselves.  We supposed to thank God he gave us Mini Mayor.

5 - Mini Mayor flushed anyone with brains or independent thought from his administration just like how Dr. Frank N Furter killed Eddie the brain donor.

6 - Mini Mayor has been singing "Rose Tint My World" and trying to force his staff and himself to do a phony song and dance for the public about how great things are.

7 - There are people on Mini Mayor's staff who could be transsexual (you do the math).

8 - Mini Mayor thinks he has magical powers and can make anything work, but it always goes horribly wrong.

9 - With rumors that the FBI is in town, there is a "Sword of Damocles" hanging over Mini Mayor.

10 - Dr. Evil has pulled a silent coup by setting up Ro Jo for the mayor's race and Mini Mayor is sold on "I'm Going Home".  No matter how bad Mini Mayor's brief reign has been, the Spirits crowd will always think of his administration as a bunch of "Super Heroes".