Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jo-Jo Bling Bling Reads Your Emails

Well, well, well.  When he's not doing this, Jo-Jo Bling Bling says he's reading your emails.  The dumber the better.  Jo-Jo Bling Bling said he knows a loser who emails him movie ideas all the time.  Movies?  It's probably some loser on Jo-Jo Bling Bling's staff.  But Jo-Jo Bling Bling reads this loser's email because Jo-Jo Bling Bling is all Hollywood and no brains.

Jo-Jo Bling Bling say the same emailer sent him a suggestion to use inmate labor to mow grass.  Man, I bet you people in West Pointe and Landmark and Charles Park can't wait to have inmates mowing grass in your neighborhood.  Don't worry, they'll be supervised by the same people that protected our levees.  Think of all those sex offenders and wife beaters roaming your streets.  This is the stupidity of the world that Jo-Jo Bling Bling lives in.  The boy has a screw loose.

Jo-Jo Bling Bling asked for your suggestions.  We asked for you to get more vocal.  So, do this for both of us.  Either send Jo-Jo Bling Bling a suggestion that you are concerned about or send him this post and ask him what he thinks about it.  Ask him why he could seriously in his right mind contemplate using inmate labor in your neighborhood.  Jacques Roy is a walking infomercial of stupidity.

You can reach Jo-Jo Bling Bling at