Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Exclusive: Trey the Parrot's Conflict of Interest

Trey the Parrot is really a worthless waste of taxpayer money.  That we already knew.  Something we just learned is that Trey the Parrot also had a conflict of interest working on the Cleco deal.  You see, as we were recently told, Trey's sister, Ellen Scroggs, works at Cleco.  Why is it we never heard that before?  Did we also mention that Ms. Scroggs works for Cleco's Jeff Hall?  Interesting, huh?  And we were told that Trey the Parrot was having "ex parte" conversations with Jeff Hall.  Ex parte means that Trey the Parrot was discussing the Cleco case outside of his official capacity.  Kinda like what Sonny Craig and Harold Chambers were fired for.  If Trey the Parrot had any honor, he'd resign over this news.  So, don't expect Trey the Parrot to do anything but keep collecting over $10,000 of legal fees from the city each month while he works against the city's interests.