Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Mel

It's Monday and that means more advice from Mini Mayor's soulmate, Mel Gibson.

Jacques ole buddy. Sometimes you jus gotta admit defeat and move on. It's jus not in the cards this time, buddy. Aren't you f****** tired of all this mess? I am. Look, you f***** up, okay? Be a man about it. I f***** up, okay? I totally f***** up with Oksana, okay? It was me. Did the meds have something to do with? Well, yeah, but you know what? I am the meds and the meds are me. It was me. Jus like its you. You blew it, man. You blew it. Cleco. Crime. IACP report. Larry Love. HIP. Levees. Blaming the Pentecostals. Lamar. Drainage. Sugar House Road. Ken Luneau. Capital One. Versailles still not open since before your admin. Caveman Carty. Half Moon Productions. Que'in. Charles Frederich Smith. City Hall Fortress. Bradley the Bodyguard. The Mercedes. Kay Cell. The other women. Your marriage. Que'in Too. Fred Rosenfeld. I could go on and on. You blew it. Time to step back, take a deep breath and start over. You'll feel much better, man. Oh, and get a new therapist. Works wonders.