Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Bachelor Season XV Is Auditioning


Dear Producers of The Bachelor,

I want you to know that I am a young, healthy really good looking and put together dude that you should consider for your next season of The Bachelor.  I am also super smart.  Just ask CLECO.  Or Cap One Bank.  I am also newly single, so this brotha is ready to mingle.  My interests are playing mah jong and solitaire and I do like late nights with the ladies.  Champagne and cocaine are the way to a women's heart.  I really like to date women that work under me because I have a god complex, at least that's what my second wife said.  Women who are my equal are too much of a threat to me.  But women are really secondary to me anyway.  My life motto is "Bros before Hoes".  At least I have my priorities straight.  I know that a $100,000 dollar salary is not a lot compared to your other bachelors but I live like a king on the city expense account.  I can have whatever I want whenever I want.  If you want a show with some ratings, give this playa a hollaback.

Chuck the Wild Buck