Friday, September 3, 2010

Full Moon Will Be Filming Here Soon

Dear Mini Mayor,

This is Hymie Barmitzvah, Montana Fishburne's Manager and CEO of Full Moon Productions. At Full Moon Productions we really do have our pants on the ground! We heard that you are looking for exciting new film opportunities in Alexandria. We are here to help. We'd like to open up temporary production offices in Alexandria. I was thinking about 3 rooms at one of your mid-priced motels would be good. We probably need those 3 rooms for about 8 hours tops. Is it possible that we could rent rooms by the hour? That would be great to help keep our production budget down. Ever since we cut those white lines in the bathroom of that club in LA I'm excited about seeing you and Bill again. Montana is excited about meeting you both, but please tell Bill to watch how much he drinks since you remember how he got a little grabby with the girls last time. Don't worry. I'll have lots of entertainment for you old buddy! Shalom.

Hymie Barmitzvah