Friday, September 10, 2010

Miss Cleo Reads Caveman Carty Fortune

"Go head caller, what ya want sweetness? Who dat, honey? Oh, you be Caveman. Aight, Cavemen what can Miss Cleo do for ya? So ya want to be knowin who ya will endorse for mayor? Me know what me talkin bout. Yur closet is dark n deep. The light in yur closet done burned out. Do ya know what Miss Cleco sayin? Ya have no bulb, sweetness. Ya gonna make da mistake of backin tee boy Roy. Ya gonna try not to, but it's just ya nature sweetness. Try as ya might, ya gonna fall under the spell of tee boy and all dat advertisin he do with ya. Ya gonna wait until about tree days before da election and ya gonna give him ya reluctant endorsement. Miss Cleo can see into ya heart and ya life, baby. Even if tee boy own ya soul, Miss Cleco can see into ya heart and ya life.