Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mini Mayor Calls Miss Cleo

“Miss Cleo so glad you called. What is it ya wanna know baby? No, mon, dis is Miss Cleo, not CLECO. What is yer question now sweetness?  No, my baby, ya will not grow any more taller.  Next question for Miss Cleo.  Me know what me talkin bout. If you tink of a question you'd like to ask me, remember: not much me haven't seen and not much me haven't heard. So don't be shy. OK, baby, will you win da election is what ya wanna know? I've seen some of the plants in your old apartment and of course they died. When you fall in love first tree weeks everything is lovely. Until you find out that she picks her nose and you pick your toes. Dis is what happen to you, tee boy. You was the finest boat 4 year ago, now ya just a fat goat. Me always say, 'Finish your food on your first plate before you get a second plate of food.' Dat is another way of sayin ya ain't got nothin done in 4 years, tee boy.