Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stand Up and Be Counted

Thank you to all of our readers.  We seem to have gotten very popular lately and the google searches from Capitol Hill are kinda impressive, but what Cleco employee was so scared that they ran down to the Pineville library at lunchtime Friday to look us up?  What kind of society do we live in when people fear the truth?  We should never forget the lies that our politicians and city "leaders" have been telling us for years.  Do you really like the fetal position?  Do you really like getting kicked in the stomach everyday?  Do you really like driving to the library because you are scared that your employer will fire you for the truth?  We at Jacques Barack invite everyone to rise up out of the corner and be counted.

Maybe they aren't telling us to sit at the back of the bus or spraying us with fire hoses.  Maybe they aren't unleashing dogs on us or beating us with police sticks.  But they are keeping us down.  White or black, they are keeping us down.  And we're letting them.  Do you want the truth?  Do you want a better Alexandria for everybody?  Do you have the courage to sit at the front of the bus when you're told not to?  Do you have the courage to sit at the lunch counter when you're told not to?  Do you have the courage of a 12 year old to walk through an angry screaming mob of people spitting on you just so you can get an education?

We at Jacques Barack love Alexandria and we don't like where it is headed.  Really, we don't like where it's been the past 50 years.  But we have friends and family there and it's home, whether we're there or not.  Family is one good thing about Alexandria.  The other is we don't have to fight traffic like some of us do in Dallas, Atlanta, Houston or St. Louis.  But we've got to change the lazy do-nothing mentality that has let a group of rich families and their media accomplices suck the life blood out of Alexandria.  Nothing has changed in the last 50 years except now folk can live anywhere they want in town and go to the same schools.  That was a positive change but we need a lot more.  Ask yourself, are you the problem or the solution?