Thursday, February 18, 2010

Live Blogging (Removed)

We started Jacques Barack to be something different and to give Alexandria residents an alternative view.  Many in our camp found the original post to be very funny.  It did contains some bad language and some people who we really respect did not think some of the words were appropriate.  As someone pointed out, if we resort to foul language, we are no better than Harry Silver.  That was devastating to our original view.  After praying on it, we have decided to pull the entire post and offer our sincere apology to our readers.  We thank our readers and want them to know that we here at Jacques Barack are just getting started.  We want to make a positive difference and sometimes that means being outrageous.  We hope that we make that difference with style and taste.  If you want an alternative to the sludge the local media serves up, keep visiting Jacques Barack.