Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is the Nightmare Over Yet?

Everybody on the council except for Ed Larvadain voted to stroke Jacques ego. We commend Mr. Larvadain for staying off the plantation. Jacques wasted even more time explaining that the vote last night and the vote a month ago were a waste a time since the vote on Dec. 30, 2008 was all he needed. Then Jacques explained it was Trey the Parrot's idea. Ka-kaugh! Ka-kaugh! Trey needed some billable hours this week, so the council had to vote a third time. Ka-kaugh! Ka-kaugh! Chuck Johnson spoke about the saving in avoided costs. Can we avoid the cost of Trey the Parrot? Now we'll have to eat $200,000 of the attorney costs. Where's the public apology from Jacques? Last week he said every dime of attorney and expert witness fees would be covered by Cleco? What the hell happened? We want to know. Where did the $200,000 come from and why didn't you mention it last week? Is this why you hid the tapes of the Friday meeting, Jacques? We don't believe a word you say Jacques. In another year, when we're paying beaucoup money to Cleco and folk are freezing in their houses, you'll be saying that you didn't say what you said when you did say exactly that and then said exactly the opposite before reversing yourself again. If that sounds stupid, that's how you sound. Adam and Eve had a better chance against the serpent than most folk here have against your forked tongue. Lord deliver us from this hairy nightmare.