Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Positive: Mentoring to Save Our Kids

We at Jacques Barack may be scribes to the Alexandria Apocalypse, but we do harbor hope for our hometown. When we have a moment to celebrate the audacity of hope, we honor it. We have one. Michael Baisden has launched the One Million Mentors Campaign to Save Our Kids Tour. The goal is to inspire one million caring adults to become responsible mentors. He is traveling to over 70 markets nationwide to promote his mentoring message and he has committed $5,000 to each of his markets. Cenla residents are invited to match or beat his contribution, so let's step up and represent! Mr. Baisden will be recognizing the work of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cenla and will be speaking about the importance of mentoring on young people today. The event starts a 7 pm tonight and the public is invited for free.