Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Day, Another Lie Exposed

Why are we reading this in the TT today?

The Alexandria City Council started the ball rolling today to funding a solution for the decertification of the Red River levees.

The council introduced an ordinance that allows the city “to share equipment, resources, promote jointly favorable legislation, seek funding” and maintain that funding jointly with the Rapides Parish Police Jury, city of Pineville and other governmental entities related to the decertification issue.

The ordinance will lay over until the next City Council meeting, when it will be discussed by the Legal Committee on March 9.

Mayor Jacques Roy said the ordinance also creates a city capital project known as “Re-certification of the Rapides Area Levees Alliance” to create an intergovernmental alliance with the Police Jury and Pineville City Council.

The city of Alexandria will immediately put forth $100,000 to investigate claims by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that the levees along the river can’t be certified.

Wasn't Jacques the Goat giving us all English lessons last week about the difference between accreditation and certification? Didn't he tell us on the radio that the levees had not been de-certified? Then why is his ordinance called re-certification? Does anybody think it's harder to eat spaghetti with a forked tongue? For the second time in two days, we at Jacques Barack are calling out Jacques Roy and insisting that he apologize for his lies.