Saturday, February 20, 2010

Would You Buy a Used Car from This Guy?

Bret McCormick reports Alexandria says contract with Cleco includes at least $50M to settle fraud lawsuit.

If this image doesn't just sum things up. Jacques with his Boss Hog look. This brothers got some chops. And cocky Quasimodo with his script in hand. Trey the Parrot lurking in the shadows, racking up billable hours and careful to poop on the left side of the cage.

OK, but would you buy anything this guy says? What is that old saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Shame on Alexandria if we accept this crap. There ain't no money, Jacques! Rebates? Are you serious? In the next 5 years, Cleco will pay this blog as much money as they pay Alexandrians and that's a low down crying shame.

Worse may be the councilmen circling the wagons just for Jacques. Ro said it was "extraordinary" because Cleco's going to pay 5 years worth of bullshit bills. Hey, Ro, Cleco was the cause of the bills. Are you gonna run against Jacques or be his waterboy until a real man (or woman) steps up and represents. And Myron, you seriously think this is the best we can do? What, was that in the script that Jeff Hall gave you?

Jacques and Crutchfield were trying to outdo each other on how much the attorneys would cost. Uh, 4 million. No, easily 9 million! Sick. Hell man, they sold the Silverdome for less than a million. Hey, Jacques, we don't think you were ever here to fight Cleco. We think you were here to collect $100,000 a year, live large on the city expense account, take extravagant trips and buy yourself $60,000 BMWs.